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It’s February!

2 Feb

And I am longing for a bit of sunshine here at bunted! hq.

So much has happened the bunted fairies have been working their little fairy boots off!

SO what has happened?

A brand new shiny website is soon all to be revealed, including a shop! Squee.

New headquarters have been moved into and several new lines of bunting-ness have been developed including a ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘Fairytale’ themes.

Meanwhile, to keep our spirits up here are some pictures of lovely spring type bunts….just for you!Springtime lavender and green photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


Creative Brides Vintage and Unique Wedding Fair

21 Aug

The eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed that I have conquered the technical beast and input a wee widget to the side of this blog. Yes, we’re exhibiting at the Creative Brides Fair over 21 and 22 September at Scotney Castle.


We’re excited, having worked with one of the Creative Brides team members before, where she did a fantastic job. It should prove to be a great weekend, hopefully sunny and we’re looking forward to seeing lots of lovely brides there!

On top of that, if you pre-register before 10 September 2013 you’ll receive two free tickets to the gardens at the Castle!

The Perfect Touch – Emma’s Wedding Bunting

14 Aug



room decoration

sweet table

Sometimes, when you run a small business like ours, you’ll find yourself up sewing until midnight every night for weeks, getting an order finished. You’ll find yourself drinking too much caffeine, or stabbing yourself with a pin one too many times.

You’ll find yourself wondering why you ever thought it was a good idea to start this whole thing. You might think to yourself that you should be sleeping right now, but you’re not. You’ll finish the order, you’ll ship it, and the satisfaction of achieving something will slightly dim the stress. It takes the edge off, at least.

If you’re lucky, sometime soon after, you’ll get an email through with pictures like these attached, and a little note from your customer just like this:

I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures to show you how beautiful the bunting looked at the wedding – so many people commented on it as it has never been used at the hotel before. it really made the room, so thank you so much for creating it.

Emma x

Suddenly you remember what it is about this job that you love. You get to help people make the memories they want. That makes the pin stabs, the caffeine shakes and the sleepless nights definitely worth it.

Heartfelt congratulations Emma, it looks beautiful. All the best for your brand new marriage, and thank you for letting bunted! be a part of it!

Where have we been?!!

12 Apr


Blink and March has gone! For us here at bunted! HQ, March was full to the brim with birthdays, bunting, holidays, bunting, fabric shopping, bunting, Easter and of course bunting, not forgetting chocolate and hot cross buns…mmmmm.

Now it’s April and guess what?! We still have plenty of bunting to make, some more birthdays and even a burlesque class (giggles, blush…)
Phew! We love it though!

So to recap here’s what you’ve missed…..


Wedding bunting for the lovely Sarah Ayonmike of Circle the Date Events.



A few t-shirts!




A gorgeous backdrop for Sweet Thingz




Über cute bunting sign for the gift table at Kerry’s wedding!







A retro apron for the Noelle, jealous much!




A nifty backpack…



And finally a truly British summertime bag.

We also have several wedding projects completed but are not revealing those until the big days have taken place!

Can’t give anything away now can we, besides saying squeeeeeee!

Just Married

30 Jul

Well it’s certainly wedding season! We’ve just created this absolutely gorgeous bunting for Robbie and his fiancee for an August wedding. With Just Married in navy on one side and plain on the other it’s sure to be used more than once!

Congratulations Robbie and Fiancee! bunted! hq wish you both all the very best.