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It’s February!

2 Feb

And I am longing for a bit of sunshine here at bunted! hq.

So much has happened the bunted fairies have been working their little fairy boots off!

SO what has happened?

A brand new shiny website is soon all to be revealed, including a shop! Squee.

New headquarters have been moved into and several new lines of bunting-ness have been developed including a ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘Fairytale’ themes.

Meanwhile, to keep our spirits up here are some pictures of lovely spring type bunts….just for you!Springtime lavender and green photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


Teepee for summer anyone?

1 Jun

We love up-cycling fabric so we challenged ourselves and came up with this gorgeous teepee! This one has gone to a good home at a local pre-school but another is being created by the bunted! fairies as we speak….I don’t think I’ll get through the summer without one…..

Australian Summer Love

4 Mar


I recently posted a belated Christmas present to my mother in Australia. It’s what I’d call ridiculously hot in Oz at this time of year so I thought some soothing fruity bunting was in order!



May-be baby

13 May

Here’s a couple of the projects that we’ve been working on in May over at bunted! HQ.

made for a special little Finnish girl!

I adore the Regency Floral fabric, definitely one of my favourites. Makes me come all over a bit Jane Austen-y, desirous of cakes and tea and good company. An absolute dream to work with too!

Polka dot bunting made out of a duvet cover!

I think this is great. This was a Sarah project, and she magicked 4.5 metres of bunting out of left over fabric from a duvet cover that she made a hanging tent out of! Honestly! She must have been wearing creative pants.

We’re now putting the finishing touches on some lovely uber-girly bunting for one little miss, and the straight on to some Christening bunting for twins! Holy sheesh kebab!

Summer is on her way peeps, she called me just yesterday and told me that herself. We all know that nothing makes her happier that a good dose of bunting. So get to it!!

Time to get your bunt on…

4 May

Over here at bunted! we’re gearing up for a rather busy Summer busy. School fetes, special orders and crafts fairs are all happening, and happening soon! If it wasn’t sew (ha!) exciting I’d say it’s all simply too much dahhhling and I simply must have a Pimms to get me through the day. Luckily I’m the hardworking sort and as it’s all so much fun we’ll just get down to it!

We’re now updating regularly here at WordPress, but we’ve also started a Facebook page (like it, you know you want to!) and we’re tweeting our bunts off as @buntedbybunting. What fun!

Do stop by and introduce yourself  – we’d be happy discuss all sorts of wild and wonderful plans for bunting! I’m already dreaming up plans for some psychedelic Union Jack bunting for next year’s Diamond Jubilee……hmmm.

Pip pip and cheerio as they say!

Longer days and April showers

5 Apr

It’s April already, school hols just around the corner and the hint of summer in the air. I’ve lived here long enough to have developed the summer sensory ability. With this turn in our thoughts to summer come the longed for parties, bbq’s and general summeryness of long days in the garden…ahhhh such bliss.  Of course we all need bunting in the garden to enhance this divine experience so where best to go than bunted! of course.

Currently we are working on  fabulous birthday bunting themed ‘Wizard of Oz’. 3 seperate lines of 4 metres each. This is going to be one spectacular party!

We are also working on a 60th celebration bunting for a school, recycling old uniforms for the fabric. This will be unveiled at the annual summer fete in June so we will be sure to post pics for you to goggle at!

Most recently we have had a request for birthday bunting for a bbq, hey Sam! Lets get a move on!