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It’s February!

2 Feb

And I am longing for a bit of sunshine here at bunted! hq.

So much has happened the bunted fairies have been working their little fairy boots off!

SO what has happened?

A brand new shiny website is soon all to be revealed, including a shop! Squee.

New headquarters have been moved into and several new lines of bunting-ness have been developed including a ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘Fairytale’ themes.

Meanwhile, to keep our spirits up here are some pictures of lovely spring type bunts….just for you!Springtime lavender and green photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

11 Aug

bunted! hq has been a hive of activity following the recent fairs we’ve attended. It’s been wonderful so thank you to all of you who have been the cause of this very satisfying and exciting time!

Here are some pics of a few of the bunts we have created for our lovely clients;

Poppy’s Mummy’s birthday bunting, Colourful bunting and Retro bunting

Christmas Sacks…

11 Aug

Yes, I know, we’re still enjoying the summer! Winter feels too far away and long may that last, but my fellow bunters, believe it or not Christmas is only 136 days away!!!

One enterprising Mummy has ordered her beloved son Frank a christmas sack already. It is gorgeous and I thoroughly approve of the fabric she chose….of course I bought it on a trip to Australia last year so it is an exclusive sack! Lucky Frank.