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It’s February!

2 Feb

And I am longing for a bit of sunshine here at bunted! hq.

So much has happened the bunted fairies have been working their little fairy boots off!

SO what has happened?

A brand new shiny website is soon all to be revealed, including a shop! Squee.

New headquarters have been moved into and several new lines of bunting-ness have been developed including a ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘Fairytale’ themes.

Meanwhile, to keep our spirits up here are some pictures of lovely spring type bunts….just for you!Springtime lavender and green photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


The Perfect Touch – Emma’s Wedding Bunting

14 Aug



room decoration

sweet table

Sometimes, when you run a small business like ours, you’ll find yourself up sewing until midnight every night for weeks, getting an order finished. You’ll find yourself drinking too much caffeine, or stabbing yourself with a pin one too many times.

You’ll find yourself wondering why you ever thought it was a good idea to start this whole thing. You might think to yourself that you should be sleeping right now, but you’re not. You’ll finish the order, you’ll ship it, and the satisfaction of achieving something will slightly dim the stress. It takes the edge off, at least.

If you’re lucky, sometime soon after, you’ll get an email through with pictures like these attached, and a little note from your customer just like this:

I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures to show you how beautiful the bunting looked at the wedding – so many people commented on it as it has never been used at the hotel before. it really made the room, so thank you so much for creating it.

Emma x

Suddenly you remember what it is about this job that you love. You get to help people make the memories they want. That makes the pin stabs, the caffeine shakes and the sleepless nights definitely worth it.

Heartfelt congratulations Emma, it looks beautiful. All the best for your brand new marriage, and thank you for letting bunted! be a part of it!

Rochester LitFest Garden Party

24 Jul


We were delighted to be able to help Rochester Lit Fest decorate the Good Intent Pub for their Garden Party. Medway has been buzzing with creativity over recent weeks, and it’s wonderful to be a part of!

The images over on the Lit Fest website show you exactly how wonderful bunting can be for transforming any space into a party!

Image credit to Jaye Nolan of Practical Creative

Medway Open Studios – This Weekend!

18 Jul

Happily co-inciding with our move into a lovely new studio in Sun Pier House is the final weekend of the highly successful Medway Open Studios Festival! The festival showcases some of the amazing artists that practice their work locally, giving them an opportunity to show the public how they work. It’s also about promoting Medway as a creative hub.


There are some wonderful local artists taking part this year, including the illustrator extraordinaire Ben Cameron of Strange Paul, Nikki Price Photography, a lovely jeweller whose work I adore, Sian Bostwick, and you can even #makeababywiththisman Christopher Sacre! I’ll leave you to ponder that one…

Come and see our little studio this weekend, July 20th and 21st, although please bear with us as we’re still moving in! There’s definitely time for a natter though, and we’ll show you how the bunted! fairies work their magic. We’re really excited, it’s an amazing time to be a part of the creativc community here.

All this creativity makes us very


Cherry Ripe, Cherry Ripe, Ripe! I cry…

8 Jul

Hello there!

What amazingly glorious weather is upon us! Oh how we love it. bunted! HQ has been a hive of activity recently. In fact sooooo much has been ‘occurin’ that our little fairy wings might fall off!!
Not really, well, we hope not….
Anyhoo, the goss, yes! Come and join us at the Rochester Cherry Festival in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care on Saturday 13th July from 1pm till 4pm. There’s lots of lovely things to do and see, including us!

Latest fairy adventures include birthday bunting, more wedding bunting, baby bunting, making a vintage style apron and attending a Regency Ball in Bath!





We have much more to divulge yet we must await for the appropriate time to tell all! Squeeeeee

Much love from us fairies

Where have we been?!!

12 Apr


Blink and March has gone! For us here at bunted! HQ, March was full to the brim with birthdays, bunting, holidays, bunting, fabric shopping, bunting, Easter and of course bunting, not forgetting chocolate and hot cross buns…mmmmm.

Now it’s April and guess what?! We still have plenty of bunting to make, some more birthdays and even a burlesque class (giggles, blush…)
Phew! We love it though!

So to recap here’s what you’ve missed…..


Wedding bunting for the lovely Sarah Ayonmike of Circle the Date Events.



A few t-shirts!




A gorgeous backdrop for Sweet Thingz




Über cute bunting sign for the gift table at Kerry’s wedding!







A retro apron for the Noelle, jealous much!




A nifty backpack…



And finally a truly British summertime bag.

We also have several wedding projects completed but are not revealing those until the big days have taken place!

Can’t give anything away now can we, besides saying squeeeeeee!

Bunting for Sean

1 Feb

Happy New Year Bunters!
It’s a very happy New Year here at bunted! hq. We’ve lots of exciting projects install so stay tuned to be in the loop!
Just finished is some gorgeous bunting for a gorgeous boy…take a look at the piccies!







During the holidays we were also busy with a few little home projects which we were most proud of;















Oh, is that the kettle?! Quick cuppa then. Until next time our lubberly Bunters!

Sarah & Sam

Up, up, up and away!

20 Dec

Nothing gets me more in the mood for a little fabric shopping that a 17 hour flight to Australia. Wait…what? I don’t think I’m ever not in the mood for fabric shopping! Not even a long haul flight could put me off!

Earlier this week, the bunted! fairy grandmother took me out to Australian fabric heaven (Spotlight) and we had a little perusal of the delightful wares. Here are the latest additions to the bunted! collection:


 During Sarah’s last trip to Australia, she managed to nab a super sweet toile fabric, in a nursery rhyme pattern. Sadly, although totally unsurprisingly, loads of lovely bunted! customers fell in love with the fabric and we’ve now totally run out. I though this pale pink toile was just as lovely, and in the same colour spectrum as the nursery rhyme toile, so hopefully you will all love it as much as I do!


I’ve accidentally gone totally girly and just simply had to have this strawberry and polka dot linen. It’s pretty light for a linen, which makes it sewing-machine-needle-friendly (excellent!). I can see this sandwiched between a mauve floral, and perhaps calico pennants? I am possibly being a tad too optimistic weather-wise, but Spring isn’t too far away, and this would be perfect for garden tea parties in the brand new sunshine, along with some of these pretties:


Tea party extravaganza – don’t forget to invite us! I don’t know if I can bear surrendering this lovely pastel horse fabric over the bunted! HQ….I might have to smuggle this into my personal collection!

horse fabric

Please excuse the wrinkles! Can you see why I adore it? I think it’s so delicate and lovely, feminine without being totally over the top girly. The bunted! fairy grandmother suggested that it would be apropos for an apron, and I must say I agree – can’t you just imagine me flouncing around the kitchen in a ruffled apron with a matching potholder? Must get Sarah to teach me how to make them…

This is too late for Christmas 2012, but next year you could own your very own Dr Seuss Christmas bunting! I stopped short of nabbing the Grinch fabric as well, but there’s still time to sneak back and get it – I’m sure it will fit in the suitcase! Well…reasonably sure…just…


I’ve already been a busy bee and made my first batch of bunting out of some of these delights, and pictures will follow. Stay tuned folks, and remember, if you have bought any bunting from bunted! we’d be delighted to see any pictures in situ, or to hear any feedback you may have!

Bonfire Delights

18 Nov

You may have seen that bunted! were recently at Quex Park’s Bonfire Night and so we thought we’d share some snippets of the festive times we had there!

You can see our special new Christmas light bunting, complete with a special pocket to hold the battery pack for the lights!

We’ve still got some of our Summer stock left, and I think they’re perfect for sneaky Christmas presents! Of course our lovely bunting makes great presents too!

One or two of you may be familiar with our favourite friends, the bunted! fairies! Those lovely (and decidedly difficult to catch) little ladies must be working hard to get all the Christmas bunting out in time!

But most excitedly, our latest addition to the bunted! range is our gorgeous advent bunting. 25 pennants complete with felted letters, to be attached to your personalised bias binding with dolly pegs! We love these desperately, and what better way to enjoy the anticipation of Christmas than by using our recyclable advent bunting. We’re happy to customise to your requirements – even adding pouches to include your own advent sweets! Drop us a line at bunted lifestyle@yahoo.com and we can take it from there. Prices vary depending on your requirements.

We had a great time at Quex – although we ever so slightly froze to death, but ne’er mind! Many a hot cup o’ tea was had, and much jollity was had by all. We say BRING ON THE FESTIVE SEASON!

Christmas bells….

18 Nov

I can hear them in the not too distant future….

So! Get your Christmas bunting orders in!

bunted! fairies are currently busy making Advent bunting, Christmas bunting and name bunting for gifts with matching doggies….eeeee

If you want bunted! handmade gifts for your family, friends or home, get your orders in pronto!

Take a look at our ‘Stuff we make’ page to see the full list of items handmade here at bunted! hq.

Tea anyone….Sam is putting the kettle on!

Sarah and Sam