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Medway Open Studios – This Weekend!

18 Jul

Happily co-inciding with our move into a lovely new studio in Sun Pier House is the final weekend of the highly successful Medway Open Studios Festival! The festival showcases some of the amazing artists that practice their work locally, giving them an opportunity to show the public how they work. It’s also about promoting Medway as a creative hub.


There are some wonderful local artists taking part this year, including the illustrator extraordinaire Ben Cameron of Strange Paul, Nikki Price Photography, a lovely jeweller whose work I adore, Sian Bostwick, and you can even #makeababywiththisman Christopher Sacre! I’ll leave you to ponder that one…

Come and see our little studio this weekend, July 20th and 21st, although please bear with us as we’re still moving in! There’s definitely time for a natter though, and we’ll show you how the bunted! fairies work their magic. We’re really excited, it’s an amazing time to be a part of the creativc community here.

All this creativity makes us very



Bonfire Delights

18 Nov

You may have seen that bunted! were recently at Quex Park’s Bonfire Night and so we thought we’d share some snippets of the festive times we had there!

You can see our special new Christmas light bunting, complete with a special pocket to hold the battery pack for the lights!

We’ve still got some of our Summer stock left, and I think they’re perfect for sneaky Christmas presents! Of course our lovely bunting makes great presents too!

One or two of you may be familiar with our favourite friends, the bunted! fairies! Those lovely (and decidedly difficult to catch) little ladies must be working hard to get all the Christmas bunting out in time!

But most excitedly, our latest addition to the bunted! range is our gorgeous advent bunting. 25 pennants complete with felted letters, to be attached to your personalised bias binding with dolly pegs! We love these desperately, and what better way to enjoy the anticipation of Christmas than by using our recyclable advent bunting. We’re happy to customise to your requirements – even adding pouches to include your own advent sweets! Drop us a line at bunted lifestyle@yahoo.com and we can take it from there. Prices vary depending on your requirements.

We had a great time at Quex – although we ever so slightly froze to death, but ne’er mind! Many a hot cup o’ tea was had, and much jollity was had by all. We say BRING ON THE FESTIVE SEASON!

Teepee for summer anyone?

1 Jun

We love up-cycling fabric so we challenged ourselves and came up with this gorgeous teepee! This one has gone to a good home at a local pre-school but another is being created by the bunted! fairies as we speak….I don’t think I’ll get through the summer without one…..