Jingle Bell Rock!!

28 Oct

For the last week I haven’t been able to stop myself from saying to nearly everyone I meet ‘It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you…’ – even though it’s not even snowing yet. It’s barely even cold yet. But that certainly hasn’t stopped us from getting in the Christmas spirit. No siree.

Check out the petite (seriously v. tiny) order we accidentally placed from the delightful Fabric Shoppe store on Etsy not so long ago…shhh!

Fabric Shoppe Order

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Isn’t it delicious? Lovely little gifties everywhere. Why not be postmodern, and give a gift of bunting with gifts on? Wowzer!

For the more tradtional of you out there, why not incorporate this little beauty into some gorgeous red, white and green Christmas bunting?

Buon Natale!

Almost too festive, no? Joke. We both no there’s no such thing as too festive.

As we’re upping the cute stakes, there’s no way we could go past this divine petite pattern! It’s love. Cute, cuddling, hot chocolate drinking love.


Finally, for a bit of that Mad Men-chic we all know and love, (my personal favourite too), le piece de resistance sont:

Break out the egg nog!

Let’s get some booze, and have a debauched Christmas party in the office! Let’s get some rumours started…

So looking forward to the official start of the silly season – if you’d like any Christmas bunting, do get in touch and we can discuss what you’d like!

Peace Out!


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