August Summer Madness

27 Aug

Bonjourno! The family and I are back from hols. Italy (you probably guessed). Blissful food,weather and scenery. Back to Old Blighty and Bunted! Yeah!!

So what’s been happening? Bunted! have acquired a Singer sewing machine,it’s at least 100 years old and we LOVE it! Sam has decided to make bunting using said ‘new’ machine. I can’t wait to see it Sam, it will be extra special bunting.
I have also acquired a lot of vintage fabric. Some plain, some patterned but all lovely. What to do with it, hmmmmm.

Believe it or not I have started to think about Christmas. I know, I know, but to make it as stress free as possible it’s good to be organised. Therefore, with our recent Italian experience, we have decided to have an Italian theme for our Christmas festivities this year.
In my mind I can picture bunting in Italian flag colours with ‘Buon Natale’ in big gold letters!
This talk of Christmas does actually lead me to a very important point, that being, if you require bunting for Christmas, New Year or as gifts, get your orders in now!!!

I have had an ASAP order for a hanging tent this week, I managed to sew it up in one day. Good going I think you will agree. This tent was for a lovely little girl called Honey. I also have a few bunting orders in, one birthday, one gift.

Fingers crossed our summer weather perks up a teensy bit. I fancy a few more bunting adorned barbies before the weather turns into autumn.
Back to it then!


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